An inter-house topical presentation making competition having three-member teams from each of the houses compete. This year, the houses presented on the topic “Artificial Intelligence”. The winner of the event was Ujjaini with Vikramshila runners-up.


A tech-based quizzing event where the students are tested on their I.T. know-how, from the past to the present, and into the future. Ujjaini were the victors of this year, with Vikramshila emerging second.


A coding competition putting the students through a trial of logical thinking and programming skills. In both the junior (Classes IX & X) and senior (Classes XI & XII) iterations of the event, Taxila came first with Ujjaini drafting just behind them.


Counter-Strike 1.6 Team Deathmatch which exercises the participants’ responsiveness and instincts through this iconic video game. In the Junior iteration, Taxila came first, followed by Nalanda. As for Seniors, Nalanda won and the runners-up were Ujjaini.


A console-based tournament where the competitors play FIFA 8. This as well challenges their reflexes. In the solo iteration of the event, Nalanda came first, followed by Ujjaini. In the duo iteration of the event, Taxila were the winners with Nalanda coming up just behind them.