April 23rd , 2019 saw the grand inauguration of the recycling bank of GFI at M.P.Birla Foundation H.S.School. The programme was attended by the students of Classes VI and VII along with their teachers. It started with the speech of the Vice-Principal, Mrs. Purnima Chatterjee who spoke of the GFI project and welcomed the GFI team to the school. She told the children about the project and how it would be of great help to them in future.

Ms. K.S.Smitha, the teacher-in-charge, spoke next about the role of teachers and students towards building a sustainable mindset for the next generation. Ms. Shruti Ghosh from GFI, then elaborated on the need of the recycling bank and the importance of responsible waste management. The students then watched the GUSTY – GUIDE , a powerpoint presentation on waste, its generation, its segregation and disposal in the proper way.

Ms. Kavita Kajaria, also from the GFI team , came next and handed over some English books and the Faber Castel Hamper to the Vice-Principal, to accept on behalf of the school. The programme ended with the badge holders , taking an oath to form ‘a youth team’ to raise awareness about a garbage free India, and put a stop to the use of plastic and learn by doing. They would further select members to form a “Socho Alag” team. The entire session was interactive and the children thoroughly enjoyed it and their responses showed that they were all well-informed and an aware audience. Later the recycling bank which was brimming over, was inaugurated. An interview of the students, of the GFI members present and of the teacher-in-charge was taken, followed by a photo session, by a correspondent of the Sanmarg.