Dramacracy ‘18 was an immense success. In terms of Production, Nalanda fused together a mythological story enacted by a few students as a class drama (enacted) with a modern comical twist and came first.

Vikramshila put forward a comedy of a band of ghosts relocating to a new abode, where they try to scare and rid of a couple who just moved in, and stood second. Ujjaini enacted a thriller revolving around a man. A neighbour saw the silhouette of his wife being brutally stabbed to death, and reports to the police that the culprit was the man. In the end, a mind baffling revelation was made as a psychologist revealed that the man in fact had a split-personality disorder and it was his alter-ego who was responsible for the murder. Ujjaini came third.

The Best Actor prize was given to Swetabh Banerjee for his crowd-favourite performance as the leader of the ghosts in the Vikramshila play. Best Actress was presented to Teena Sachdeva for her emotionally gripping role as a young painter, in the Taxila performance. Best Supporting Actor and Actress went to Dhruv Rekhawat and Anusmitaa Das respectively. Taxila bagged Best Music, Ujjaini won Best Publicity, and Vikramshila Best Props.