Debate - The event where two participants from each house came forward to put their take on the topic given by the house. Comprising of various types of speakers, this event was a treat to watch.
Enactment - The brainchild of the controvert club, this event was put forth to see the enactment skills of the houses as one participant from each house dominated the stage by acting out a literary character.

Extempore - This was one of our first events for classes 6-8 held in English, hindi and Bengali. Selected participants for all the three categories were given topics 30 minutes before the event to give them all a chance to prepare.
Storytelling - Another event for the junior section, this event comprised of two participants who transported us into the world of storytelling. Comprising of three languages - English, hindi and Bengali - this event was also a first for the controvert club.

Taboo--The final event for the day, taboo was one of the most looked forward to events. A total of three rounds where two participants forming a group went up on stage to guess and act the various topics given to them trying not to say the taboo-Ed words. This was one of the most successful events.