The following under noted safety and security practices followed in our School -

  •   120 CCTV cameras in and around the School Premises covering all areas with facility for recording footage.

  •   Barbed wire on the boundary wall of the entire school compound.

  •   Adequate security personnel including lady guards.

  •   Separate drinking water and toilet facilities for Boys & Girls.

  •   Helper Ayahs in each class room to assist the teachers of LKG and KG classes.

  •   Lady attendant in the Girls' washroom during school hours.

  •   Lady attendant in school buses.

  •   GPS and CCTV in School Buses.

  •  ID Cards for visitors issued at the school gate & maintenance of log book for entry & exit of visitors.

  •   Break and Dispersal monitored by teachers on duty and Principal/VP/AVP.

  •   Separate ID Cards for Private/Carpool/Bus students at the time of dispersal.